Big Tuna

Welcome to the Tuna’s page where he muses on the wide, wide world of Sports. The Tuna is by no means an expert, but he played four years of collegiate baseball, a few years of international baseball and was active in soccer, basketball, football and tennis growing up. He frequently keeps his ear to the ground regarding sports and considers himself to be very informed.

The Big Tuna has never been short on opinions or the desire to express them. He is an aspiring author who  holds a masters in Education. He likes to think that his humorous though some may disagree, but don’t be surprised if you see things that are intended to make you laugh. Just remember, intended doesn’t mean that you actually have to laugh. He can’t hear you, so you don’t have to humor him.

The Tuna is constantly reading and taking in information and hopes to share what he finds to be the most interesting and important to anybody who chooses to read.


Please read the Tuna’s other blogs where he rambles about life and the entertainment industry.


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