NBA Mock Draft

So the NBA season is done and the Draft is a little over a week away. It’s Mock Draft Time.


1. Chicago Bulls- Michael Beasley, PF – Kansas State

It’s not the sexy pick, what with Rose being from Chicago and all, but it’s the right pick. The Bulls have a good set of guards with Gordon, Deng and Heinrich, but the lack a legitimate low-post scorer. At 6’10” Beasley is a guy that can take over a game down-low. He is the perfect fit for CHI.

2. Miami Heat- Derrick Rose, PG- Memphis

Miami wins here. In a big way. A backcourt with Rose and Wade is sick. Just absurdly sick. They still won’t have a big man, which will prevent them from contending, but they’ll be set in the backcourt for almost a decade.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves- O.J. Mayo, SG- USC

Mayo doesn’t fill a big need for Minnesota, but they are a young team that needs playmakers and I think he will be too good to pass up at this point. They could very likely trade down as well.

4. Seattle Supersonics- Jerryd Bayless, PG – Arizona

To me this pick is a lock. Seattle needs a PG and Rose will surely be gone. Bayless is hands down the next best in the draft. Him, Durant and Green give the Sonics a good future; wherever they will be playing.

5. Memphis Grizzlies- Anthony Randolph, PF- LSU

I know a lot of people think Kevin Love will be drafted here, but the Grizzlies aren’t going to win next year and Randolph has much more upside than Love. I think he is the pick here.

6. NY Knicks- DJ Augustin, PG- Texas

The Knicks are brutal. They need help everywhere, but PG is their biggest need. They pretty much have a team full of SGs and they have way too much money wrapped up in Curry and Randolph to think that they are going to draft a big man to replace them. Augustin is a brilliant passer, but who knows if he can feed all the egos on that team.

7. LA Clippers- Danilo Gallinari, PF- Italy

MIke Dunleavy likes to use point forwards, which is exactly what Gallinari is. A lot of the NBA has moved away from taking European prospects high, but the Clippers have never really drafted according to general NBA consensus. I think they go for the risky pick here.

8.  Milwaukee Bucks- Eric Gordon, SG- Indiana

The Bucks really need a SF, but I think Joe Alexander (the best rated one) is too much of a reach and a work in progress. I think the Bucks go with with most talented player and take Gordon, hoping that with him and Redd they can make due at the 2 and 3 positions.

9. Charlotte Bobcats- Brook Lopez, C- Stanford

Lopez could go as high as #3, but I think he is perfect for Charlotte here. They want a Center, so they can slide Okeafor to his natural position at the 4. Lopez is one of the only true centers in the draft and would be an immediate starter for Charlotte and make Okeafor that much better next year.

10. NJ Nets- Kevin Love, PF, UCLA

Love could also go higher, but I think the Nets are happy with him here. They have a solid backcourt with Carter and Devin Harris (and Markus Williams, who I like) but they could use some help in the frontcourt with only Boone and Kristic really helping down low. Love will never be pretty, but he will always get the job done. Especially in the East.

11. Indiana Pacers- Russell Westbrook, PG- UCLA

This one is pretty simple. The Pacers need a PG and Westbrook is full of upside. His defense is ahead of his offense right now, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The kid is going to be special.

12. Sacramento Kings- Joe Alexander, SF- West Virginia

There are rumblings that he could go higher, but if Alexander falls here I think the Kings grab him up. Artest is as good as gone and the Kings rely on Martin a lot for points. Alexander could grow into a great compliment.

13. Portland Trailblazers- Donte Green, SF- Syracuse

Portland is going in the right direction. They have lots of young talent and lots of draft picks this year. Green would fit great into a young rotation that includes Roy at SG and Oden at C.

14.    Golden State Warriors- Marreesse Speights, C- Fla.

Speights has a lot of talent, but his motivation has been questioned. I don’t think that’s a big concern for the Warriors who need a serious low post threat. At 6’11”, 250 pounds, Speights is just that.

15.    Phoenix Suns- Brandon Rush, SG- Kansas

This is the ideal pick for the Suns. They are a veteran team that needs somebody that can help immediately. Rush is a sleeper pick here and I think he becomes an instant contributor.

16.    Philadelphia 76ers- Kosta Koufas, C- Ohio State

I think Kosta should have stayed in school, but…too late. The 76ers need a low post option and they get one here. He is a few years away from being as good as he can be, but he fills a major need.

17.    Toronto Raptors- Alexis Ajinca, C- France

His workouts have him flying up boards and I think he is a great fit here. At 7’1” 240, he slides in at Center, allowing Bosh to play the more natural 4 spot. He adds toughness in the middle to a team in desparate need.

18.    Washington Wizards- Roy Hibbert, C- Georgetown

Brandan Haywood is not the answer. It’s as simple as that. The Wizards might undergo a lot of changes this offseason and having a big man to build around is always a good thing.

19.    Cleveland Cavs- Mario Chalmers, PG- Kansas

I know this is high for Chalmers, but I think it is the right pick. Cleveland needs a true PG who can get Lebron and his teammates the ball and create an offense. Plus, the kid is a proven winner. Something Bron Bron wants to do badly.

20.    Denver Nuggets- Robin Lopez, C- Stanford

Rumors are circling that the Nuggets are looking to trade Camby. If so, they get a replica of him here in Lopez. He’s going to fill up the cylinder, but he will shut down other Centers on D. Something that is crucial in the West.

21.    NJ Nets- DeAndre Jordan, C- Texas A&M

After having just picked Love earlier, the Nets can solidify their interior game with Jordan here. At 7’0” 260, he is a legitimate Center, which allows them to have Love play PF primarily. Kristic is serviceable, but Jordan could be great. With Harris and Carter, they would have the makings of a great core.

22.    Orlando Magic- Courtney Lee, SG- Western Kentucky

The Magic need a 2-guard that can score. I think they should grab CDR here, but rumors say they really like Lee because of his shooting ability. Bottom line is Dwight needs help.

23.    Utah Jazz- Darrell Arthur, PF- Kansas

The Jazz are in need of an inside threat to team with Williams. Arthur was a force at Kansas, both on offense and defense and would work well with Okur, who is more of a face the basket-type of big man

24.    Seattle Supersonics- JaVale McGee, PF- Nevada

After getting Bayless, they turn inside. McGee is 7’0” 240 and a strong interior presence. He teams up with Bayless, Green and Durant to create a very scary team of young talent.

25.    Houston Rockets- Chris Douglas-Roberts, SG- Memphis

McGrady needs help on offense and he gets it here. CDR can step in immediately and push the Rockets even further. He does the little things that help put a team together. He can be the glue for Houston.

26.    San Antonio Spurs- Nicolas Batum, SF- France

The Spurs need guards off the bench, but I think they can’t pass on Batum here. They love international players and they lack a true threat at SF. Batum becomes a great 4th option for that team.

27.    NO Hornets- Bill Walker, SG- Kansas St.

A risky pick here because of the knee injuries, but Walker has tremendous upside. There are a lot of quality big men here, but the Hornets are set with Chandler and West. They could use another scorer and Walker can be just that.

28.    Memphis Grizzlies- Ante Tomic, C- Croatia

After that Gasol trade, its clear the Grizz aren’t thinking about the “right now.” Tomic will take a few years to come over, but he’ll be a huge force in the middle to team with Randolph. We all know Kwame Brown is not in the plans.

29.         Detroit Pistons- Serge Ibaka, PF- Congo

Ibaka is a few years away, but the Pistons have a good enough core to hold out on him for a year or two. When he steps in, he’ll be a force in the middle.

30.         Boston Celtics- Jamont Gordon, SG- Miss. St.

This is a tough pick for me. I really think the Celtics need another option at PG, but there just isn’t one here. Tomic would have been a great pick for them, but the only other potential option at C is Asik. What’s left is a bunch of PFs, a position that the Celtics are set at with Davis and Powe. I think they take Gordon to take Allen’s place when he retires in a few years. He gives them another option off the bench.



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