Certain Fans Need to Know When to Close Their Mouths

I’ve kept quiet on the subject for a while now, but recently I heard a series of comments that have just caused me to lose my proverbial fecal matter (my s$%& for those of you that didn’t follow).

I recently just moved back to NYC after living in San Antonio for five years and its sad to say, but one of the things that made me so happy to move back was getting away from Spurs fans. I understand that you love your team. You should. What’s the point of cheering for a team if you aren’t actually devoted to their winning? But there is a line that needs to be drawn.

Spurs fans have always been passionate beyond logic. They think the Spurs are the best team to ever play the game, even if they know nothing else about basketball. That I can forgive, it’s just blind admiration, but two things stood out recently that I can’t forgive. Both from popular radio DJs (I will refrain from being more specific than that).

The first came after the latest NBA scandal in which Tim Donaghy claimed that refs were told to make sure the 2002 Lakers-Kings series went the distance. After hearing this report, a San Antonio radio station Dj started claiming that this scandal proves how good the Spurs really are. He claimed that the NBA tried to fix playoff games in 2003 because the Spurs draw low viewership, but the Spurs are so good they beat an NBA fix. The disturbing part was not that he took these claims of games fixed against the Spurs from thin air, it’s that callers called in voicing their support. Callers supported this DJs claims by saying that the Spurs are better than the NBA, that they are clearly the best team because they are too good to be beat, even when a game is fixed. The gloating is annoying to begin with, but almost unbearable when you realize that they were gloating about overcoming an obstacle that was probably never in front of them to begin with.

The last comment that set me over the top was made by a DJ right after the Lakers were eliminated by the Celtics. My friend happened to have this on tape, so I was able to verify the truth of the statement. A local DJ actually said the finals proved “the Lakers were really the 3rd or 4th best team in the West and it showed.”

Wait, excuse me? The same Lakers team that demolished the Spurs was the 4th best team in the West? Well, hell, the Spurs must have been like the 8th then. It’s one thing to cheer for your team. It’s a completely different thing to be so blind that you start making statements that make no sense. (The same Dj actually said he has happy the Spurs don’t have as many European players as the Lakers because its what hurt them. Parker? Ginobili? Oberto? Ok. Whatever.)

This wouldn’t be as big a deal if it wasn’t a blindness that was shared by the majority of a city. In San Antonio, the Spurs can do no wrong. But it is also a city where nobody else can do anything right. The Lakers aren’t that good. But, the Spurs didn’t play badly, they never do. So how did the Lakers win that series? In San Antonio, questions like that are too logical to be answered.


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